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This year will mark the tenth anniversary of the official launch of Java technology. It seems like only yesterday. No doubt there will be celebrations similar to the five-year anniversary, so I thought I would take this opportunity to step back in time and track Java's course. In January 1996, less than a year before that first launch, the first full developer kit, JDK 1.0.2, was released. This was my first experience of the Java platform. Like many other developers I had been using C and C++ and myriad third-party libraries. Suddenly the ease with which anyone could build a UI, or a web applet, and make an application both thread- and networking-aware was exciting. I attended the first JavaOne in 1996 and it captured that energy, even with only 6000 attendees it was a sellout. Sessions overflowed, handouts disappeared in minutes, and were never to re-appear at any... (more)

Java & Linux

It's been over two years since I wrote my last article about using the Java runtime on Linux ("Java Technology on the Linux Platform" [JDJ, Vol. 5, issue 12]). The Java platform and Linux distributions have not stood still during that time, so I'm taking this opportunity to answer some of the frequent questions that have surfaced since then and provide some insight into some of the more complex issues. If you're a seasoned Java on Linux user or are planning to move to the Linux platform, I trust you'll find the answer you're looking for! Linux Threads One well-known difference b... (more)

JavaOne from the Inside Out

This year will be the first time in 10 JavaOnes that I haven't been a Sun employee. As I am now fairly local to the show I should be able to attend again this year. I've met many developers from around the world who make the annual trip to San Francisco. Many still see it as the Java event to network at, even though attendance is off the highs of the days. Now you may think that being a Sun employee automatically gets you a free pass to the JavaOne show. Well it doesn't. In the early days there were a small number of passes for JavaSoft engineers, but the only way we could... (more)

C#: Is the Party Over?

(March 13, 2006) - One of my tasks at Sun was to keep abreast of the technologies in the marketplace that competed with Java. At certain points in the release we would summarize where we were compared to other technologies and, if necessary, focus on areas where we could improve. The biggest unknown at the start of my last project was C# and .NET. I heard through the grapevine that a project from Microsoft, known as "Cool," was on its way, a project that was the forerunner to C#. However, it was less than a year before the Java 5 project started that both those technologies were ... (more)

SOA & Web Services: Why Can't We Just Talk?

From SOA World Conference & Expo 2005 East (April 17, 2005) - This month's Web Services Edge Conference -SOA World Conference & Expo- marks four years since the first detailed W3C note on the Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) and nearly five years since the first public specification of SOAP. You may be wondering, why hasn't the uptake of Web services matched the bold predictions made when it was first launched? There are certainly more developers thinking about Web services with the advent of service-oriented architectures (SOA). However, the number of successful public We... (more)